From a hobby out of a garage workshop in 2015, to moving into their first Brick and Mortar location in 2021, the Origin of Axe and Awl Leatherworks is a story worth learning.

How long have you been a part of the OBA and why did you join?

We joined OBA in the Fall of 2020. We were introduced via the EDPNC, and acknowledged an instant value based on the groups experience, leaders, members and overall mission.

Have you collaborated with any other members or outdoor companies in WNC?

Yes! One of our initial introductions was by way of TC Webb who we had worked with in the past to do a film project for Axe and Awl. We were connected with Matt Huff of Sport Hansa and reached an agreement to produce Axe Sheathes for the Hults Bruk Agdor Line. The collaboration has been an incredible opportunity for our business, and one that we are proud to be apart of.

Share with us something special about your community, neighbors, etc in Waynesville.

Waynesville as a destination is one that draws thousands of people world wide to visit. It has a wide offering for all walks of life, and embodies a feel of “Small Town USA”. People are friendly, businesses support one another, and the Town of Waynesville is eager for positive growth. As a business opening a retail store and undergoing
a large construction project, the town has been nothing but supportive and resourceful in aiding new

What are you most excited about for the future of your company and/or the outdoor industry in WNC?

Our journey as entrepreneurs has been one that is truly enjoyable to share. What started out as a hobby at a
kitchen island while working our professional careers, has evolved from a thriving online business to now
opening our Flagship Brick + Mortar in Downtown Waynesville. The ecosystem of businesses within OBA
lends for many opportunities for its members, and we are eager to see its growth in the coming years. One
of the components of our business endeavors we are most excited about is employing members of our
local community and teaching a timeless handicraft that has such deep roots within Haywood County.