The Uproar Concept is a two-person team that crafts creative content. We talked to the duo about their business and about being part of the OBA.

Uproar Concepts

1. The Uproar Concept sounds amazing! Tell us how the concept came to fruition and where it’s going in the future. 

Before we started Uproar, Derek and I worked closely together on many projects. We felt that collaboration fostered an ambitious approach to the work which, in turn, yielded exceptional creative deliverables. After a few discussions we decided the time was right to join forces to offer what we see as a “front-end” full service creative shop. One that’s capable of producing high quality work with a small, but mighty, team. Our goal is to create work that’s difficult to ignore, something which commands attention in the market, and impossible to overlook. That’s the concept that inspired the name of our business. An uproar by its very nature is impossible to ignore. In the future we plan to continue to work within the outdoor, travel/tourism, non-profit and sustainability sectors providing a wide spectrum of creative services such as design, branding, photography, videography, and content marketing.

2. Why did you folks find it important to join the Outdoor Business Alliance network? 

Many of our existing clients are members of OBA and we both find value in the networking, events and collaborative community it provides. We’re long-time residents and active participants in the outdoor community here in Western North Carolina, and even though the assets we create are largely intangible, we think of them as integral to each and every brand that implements them.

3. Are you collaborating with any other OBA members on current or future projects? 

Absolutely, we’re currently in the process of developing creative for Headwaters Outfitters, we recently produced photo work for SylvanSport as well as NOC, we have collaborated with Pisgah Map Company to produce several maps for tourism clients in the past, and quite a few of the additional members of OBA have worked with either Derek or myself, prior to the formation of Uproar, for branding, web, photo and design services (including Cane Creek, Cognative MTB, DD Bullwinkels Outdoors, Diamond Brand, ENO, Industry Nine, and Explore Asheville).

4. Why WNC? What made this place the place that you folks chose to do business? 

Derek:  I found Western North Carolina when I was a teenager growing up in Connecticut and was flipping through the Fiske Guide to Colleges and found Appalachian State.  It was there that I discovered my love for the outdoors and in doing so, discovered a unique connection to the area through my outdoor pursuits.  My friends and family were far away, so I decided to capture my adventures with a camera so I could better share my experiences with them.  From there my passion for sharing visual content grew and after living out west I was drawn back to Western North Carolina.  It is an absolute honor that all of our clients, which in turn we get to call friends, trust us with creating and sharing their stories. Especially here in WNC which is so near and dear to our hearts. 

Nate: I’m a native of Western North Carolina. I grew up in Wilkesboro, NC and went to school at Appalachian State University. I’ve lived in Asheville for 16 years, and although I’ve been lucky to travel to many amazing destinations on this planet, there’s nothing quite like the ancient beauty that exists here in WNC. It’s a wonderful place to work, raise a family and enjoy the outdoor activities that provide endless sources of renewal and inspiration for the work I do. I have a connection to this place that I love to share with others through my work, and I also feel a deep sense of responsibility to promote this area with a spirit of stewardship which will protect it for my family as well as generations to come.

Creative Work by The Uproar Concept