This month, we talked to the Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald, which offers guests an off grid and authentic Appalachian experience at their hike-in cabins located on 500 private acres atop the Newfound Mountains in Western North Carolina.

View at Sandy Mush Bald

1. The Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald look absolutely spectacular! Tell us about your place and its unique history.

We are a hike-in, off grid getaway with two cabins, and can sleep up to 15 guests. Our uncle, John “Doc” Adler, was an enthusiastic hiker and a lover of all things Appalachia. He transported an 1800’s cantilever barn from Tennessee and rebuilt it on the saddle here between Little and Big Sandy Mush Balds. The second cabin is also over 150 years old. Our aim here at the CSMB is to offer access to the almost 500 acres of land Uncle John wanted to preserve and offer fellow outdoor enthusiasts a great natural place to hike and enjoy.

2. What made you decide to join the Outdoor Business Alliance? 

We joined the Outdoor Business Alliance in the spring of 2023 in an effort to plug into and help grow the local outdoor economy. Our unique property offers ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor industry entities to spend time in nature while growing their businesses.

3. How have you collaborated with other Outdoor Business Alliance members?

We have worked closely with The Appalachian Adventure Company to help spread the word about the Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald and are welcoming other OBA members up to the cabins to host corporate retreats, product shoots, guided trips, personal excursions and team-building experiences! And in the future we hope to work with other OBA members to feature their products and services as part of the experience up here at the cabins.

4. What’s next for the Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald?   

We have just started the 2023 season, which runs from May through the end of October, and we are already enjoying hosting new and returning guests to the mountain. The vegetable garden is planted, the rhododendrons and mountain laurels are blooming and the fireflies are lighting up! We recently added some solar panels to the roof and now we have a solar fridge for guest use and a place for guests to charge their phones if needed. We are also exploring adding tent camping to our offering.

Hike-in cabin