This month we talked to Tentrax. Tentrax is a local company, based out of Black Mountain, NC whose vision is for people to “explore simply.” They build and design lightweight and well-designed overland camping tent trailers for the adventure lifestyle. These trailers are built for off-road use and on-road use.

1. Tell us the story of how Tentrax found itself headquartered in Black Mountain, NC?

Tentrax was founded in 2001 in Eugene, OR as a new concept for a lightweight camping trailer that could be towed by nearly any vehicle. Serving primarily West coast customers for many years, Tentrax products became well-regarded for their durability and ease of use. Brent Nelson bought the business in 2019 when he saw an opportunity to modernize the brand and bring the lightweight camping concept back to his home on the East coast.

As an outdoor-lovers hub, Black Mountain and the Asheville area are a natural fit for Tentrax. Their product line has expanded into tent/camping gear and they are engaged in many industries and activities popular in the area. Overlanders, fishermen, mountain bikers and more all use and love Tentrax camping products.

2. What drew Tentrax to be a part of the Outdoor Business Alliance Network?

Owner, Brent, was invited by a couple existing member companies – Pirani and Falcon Expeditions – to join the Outdoor Business Alliance (previously Outdoor Gear Builders). They shortly took part in the annual Get in Gear Fest and recognized a group of like-minded companies and people. The energy and enthusiasm was contagious and the Tentrax team quickly found themselves engaged regularly!

3. How are you working with other members of the Outdoor Business Alliance?

The OBA has opened up new doors and partnership opportunities for Tentrax. From photo shoots with complementary brands to finding new suppliers and partners, being engaged with the OBA has been extremely beneficial.

Tentrax also found value early on by offering to host a member social at their location. In partnership with members Pirani and Trail 2 Table, they were able to showcase what the brand is all about and make instant connections with other members.

4. What’s next for Tentrax?  

Tentrax’s growth goals revolve around expansion into new markets. This is where membership in the Outdoor Business Alliance really helps. They already have plans to market and sell their lightweight camping trailers, rooftop tents, and other camping gear in coordination with OBA member companies to accomplish these goals.