As a member of the 2021 Waypoint Accelerator cohort, Michelle Ballard has done a tremendous job of putting Asheville Picnic Company on the map. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Asheville Picnic Setting a Picnic

Why did you join the OBA?

I was super fortunate to be selected as part of the  2nd Cohort of the WayPoint Accelerator Program, and being part of this program led me to join the OBA.  The members of the OBA have been a tremendous support in guiding my business decisions and helping me thrive in our outdoor community.

How have you collaborated or engaged other members?

It has been amazing to meet and collaborate with other OBA members…it’s an incredibly supportive community!  I have had so many reach out to provide support and guidance, and it’s been really fun to find ways to work together!  From having a retail presence in the WNC Outdoor Collective to partnering with Asheville Adventure Company to provide a customer with a private e-bike tour and Custom Picnic experience…working along side other OBA members to grow out outdoor focused industries is super rewarding.

What are you excited about for the future of AAC and the Outdoor industry in WNC?

I am really looking forward to the upcoming live events like Get in Gear Fest and The Outdoor Economy Conference, as well as some fun social meet-ups with the OBA members.  I learn so much from these other business owners and I am truly grateful to be part of this community…..amazing people who love the outdoors and WNC!